Hi there! 

Here you can find out a bit about Rose Line Pottery.


It all started when...

I found myself sitting at a potters wheel at Timpview High School at the age of 13. Instantly I was taken with the feel of the room, the lighting, the touch of the clay, and the beautiful objects I was surrounded by. It didn't hurt either, that my teacher, and now life long friend, was the world renowned potter, Andrew Watson. 

Since my first touch of clay, I've been hooked. It's taken me a long time to understand clay, and really I doubt I ever will, but nowadays I've let it sink more into who I am. I have more patience... of course there's times when I want to huck a cracked mug at a wall and watch it explode. However, I have and always will love pottery. 

As far as aesthetic goes, I am a fan of minimalist Scandinavian design. A huge part of my pottery is inspired by touch and feel, and I absolutely love carving pieces. Combining carving and clean lines and glazes makes me happy. It takes a lot of time to carve even a single bowl, and that can be a good thing as each time I do I get lost to the clay. Potters, and friends of potters, often say, there  is regular time, and then there is pottery time. I prefer pottery time. 

Mother earth and nature also inspires my day to day. I can't get enough of it really, and as our days get ever more hectic and "online", I long to be more and more offline... of course it helps to have an internet presence to be able to sell my items to keep me making pottery, so it's quite the catch22. 

I hope you enjoy my pottery, if you have any questions please contact me -