Me wedging clay for La Barba Coffee Company during a video shoot

Me wedging clay for La Barba Coffee Company during a video shoot

Are you ready to get mugged? 

How it Works:
Get 6 Mugs throughout the course of a year. That's 1 mug (or a pair of mugs) every 2 months. I make and distribute mugs February, April, June, August, October, and December (think Christmas gifts). Each design is unique, very nice to use, handcrafted, and will last generations! 

As a business, pottery is very finicky, so far, I have to rely on every outlet possible to bring money in; markets, wholesale (worst business model), Etsy, website, and custom orders. Some months are lean, and some better. I am hoping the Mug Club will give Rose Line Pottery a firm foundation to create and make pottery. So, please help my continue making by subscribing to my Mug Club. 

Sliding Scale Pricing:
Student: $140 single / $250 pair

Regular: $170 single / $335 pair

Patron of the Arts: $200 single / $375 pair

Delivering the Product:
Option 1: Free Local Pickup

Option 2: Shipping to all (non local customers)

Your subscription to my Mug of the Month Club is the backbone of Rose Line Pottery, without you, we wouldn't be able to operate. Your purchase provides us with a baseline to make custom mugs, and pottery all year long, and to run our day to day business. So thank you and please help spread the word! 

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